Facial Treatment


Classic European Facial

The Classic, and the ultimate in self care, we maximize the therapeutic effects of your facial treatment with the delightful relaxing effects of our head, neck, and shoulder massage.

Our expert esthetician will focus on deep cleansing, and gently removing excess oils to control and eliminate troublesome acne. Then your facial mask will be personally customized, just for you, to match your specific skin type.

The Classic European Facial is a unified rejuvenation experience beneficial for almost any skin type. Come in and speak to one of our skin care experts about it.

80 minutes – $128

Anti-aging Facial

As we age, our skin gets thinner and dryer losing collagen, and elastin which gives it a thick plump appearance.  Our anti-aging facial conjuncts with an LED light treatment naturally boosting collagen production. We start with a refreshing deep layer peeling mask, following up with a collagen mask, and then nourishing the face with collagen gel to promote clear well-hydrated skin.

We tailor our treatment to your unique needs with special serums such as: Vitamin C Anti Freckle Serum, or Anti-wrinkles treatment serum (which attracts water to cells).

After this treatment, the skin is temporarily more sensitive to the sunlight. So it is recommended you wear sunscreen, a brimmed hat, and limit your exposure. Especially between 10am – 2pm.

Come in to Fontana Spa and speak with one of our qualified esthiticians about your own unique skin care needs.

80 minutes – $148


Super Lifting Program

This is the most pampering facial experience     that you can receive at the Fontana Spa. No   matter what your skin care concerns are,  we   have something special for you!

Our talented experts will do a deep cleaning and extraction, facial massage and use an ultrasonic machine to help the serums penetrate. Also a few important extras focused on the eye area to firm up, lift, and revitalize that helps improve the appearance of fine lines.

For fresher and younger skin, try our super lifting program!

                                                80 minutes – $168



Facial treatment add ons:

At Fontana Spa, we know that everyone’s face is special, and we offer several options that you can add to whatever facial you select. So come down and ask one of our talented skin care specialists what might work best for your unique situation.

Add lip mask      $20
Add collagen mask      $20
                               Add Light therapy         $20
Add eye treatment      $20
*Price only available as Facial Add-on